My Location is a simple Android App that allows you to share your current location.
Launch the App and wait until die device shows your location. You can share your location with any application that supports sharing plain text. This includes sharing via Whatsapp, SMS, email, Google Maps, social networks, note taking applications, etc.
Share your Location to a Link Type of Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and GeoURI.

☆ Features of My Location:
● Simple App to share your GPS Location Data.
● Share your location.
● Copy your location to clipboard.
● Supports Link Type of Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and GeoURI
● Minimum permissions.
● Easy and Simple to use.
● Completely Free.

My Location doesn't require any account, doesn't track your location in the background, doesn't auto-share it.
Completely Free, easy and simple to use.

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