QR & Barcode Scanner BX PRO is a quick and easy QR and Barcode scanner.

BX PRO can scan all QR and barcode types such as:
- Text, URL, ISBN, Product, Contact, Calendar, E-Mail, Location, Wi-Fi Wlan and many other formats scan and read.

Simply hold it with the camera to the QR or barcode you want to scan and the app will automatically detect and scan it.
No buttons need to be pressed to take photos or adjust the zoom from the camera.
After scanning the QR or barcode the app perform a automatic decoding and the relevant information and options are displayed to the user.

The BX Pro QR and Barcode Scanner is the only QR and barcode scanner you need.
BX Pro Barcode Scanner is completely free, fast and easy.
Download the BX Pro QR and Barcode Scanner Now!

☆ QR & Barcode Scanner BX PRO offers:
● Scan without delay
● Scans all common formats.(QR, EAN, UPC, ISBN, etc ...)
● Easy to use
● Instant scan
● Flashlight for scans in the dark
● Scan history
● No Internet connection required
● Minimal permissions
● Completely free

☆ Supported QR Codes:
• Text
• Websites URL
• Product
• Contact
• Calendar
• Location data
• Wifi-Data - Access data for WLAN hotspots or WiFi hotspots
• E-Mail, SMS

☆ Supported Barcodes
• Productcodes (EAN, UPC, ISBN, JAN, GTIN)
• Code 39, Code 93, Code 128
• Codabar
• DataMatrix-Code

The BX Pro Barcode scanner is the only QR and barcode scanner you need.
Completely free, fast and easy.
Download the BX Pro Barcode scanner Now!
Fast and simple Barcode Scanner completly FREE!

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Mute all automatically mute all phone sounds like musik, video, games etc. if you enter the silent, priority or vibration mode.

 The app mute all music audio automatically, when enters "Silent mode" or "Vibration mode" and the "Priority mode".
And restore the volume when leaving the Silent mode or Vibration mode.
Also music, games and video apps will be muted.
"Mute All" detects automatically when you enter to the silent or priority and vibration mode.
Mute all automatically mute all phone sounds like musik, video, games etc. if you enter the silent, priority or vibration mode. When you leave the silent, priority or vibration mode the app restores your old volume.

Works until Android Lollipop.
For all Android version until Version 22.

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My Location is a simple Android App that allows you to share your current location.
Launch the App and wait until die device shows your location. You can share your location with any application that supports sharing plain text. This includes sharing via Whatsapp, SMS, email, Google Maps, social networks, note taking applications, etc.
Share your Location to a Link Type of Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and GeoURI.

☆ Features of My Location:
● Simple App to share your GPS Location Data.
● Share your location.
● Copy your location to clipboard.
● Supports Link Type of Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and GeoURI
● Minimum permissions.
● Easy and Simple to use.
● Completely Free.

My Location doesn't require any account, doesn't track your location in the background, doesn't auto-share it.
Completely Free, easy and simple to use.

Keywords: My Location, Location, GPS Location, Share location, GPS Data

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Sudoku Panda is a Sudoku Game with best Interface and Gameplay.

Sudoku Panda not only offers a distinctive name and an uncomplicated interface that is similar to the game field pattern of the famous game.
The app has many advantages that distinguish you from a common Sudoku game:

Sudoku Panda has three different game modes:
• 6x6 playing field with 2x3 under sections
• 9x9 playing field with 3x3 sub-sections
• 12x12 playing field with 3x4 sub-sections

And also 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme.

✓ 4 difficulty levels. Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme.
✓ Automatic Level Generation. Thousands of unique Sudokus. Fun for endless hours.
✓ Statistics function
✓ Automatic tools for comfortable play:
-undo and Redo
-Save and load game points
-Conflict digits highlighting
✓ All games are constantly saved in order to be able to play later.
✓ Always FREE! Always FREE!
✓ For portrait and landscape orientation.
✓ Incredibly small app!

-The game has 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, extreme), so you can give your brain a real workout and develop your logical thinking further.
-Game stats or highscores that will give you an overview of your achievements in different difficulty levels;
-User-friendly interface allows you to enter two separate keyboards at the same time for values in the cell and to set your notes.
-The system performs error checking, so you will be informed in a very complicated situation.

This game has a fairly user friendly interface, the colors are pleasing to the eye perceptible.
However, the simplicity of this app and the difficult task of the game is a good brain training for you.
Statistic function and the presence of two separate keyboards that greatly simplify the gameplay how complicated the puzzle is too.

In addition to the user-friendly interface and well-implemented ideas, the app offers the following for you:
-Train your brain and you will find noticeable improvements.
-Best Design.
-Easy and fast operation.
-Fun and joy.

Sudoku Panda is really exciting as well as a proven and entertaining game for your smartphone.
If you are a real fan of the Japanese Sudoku, then this app is exactly what you need.

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TouchCam Screen recorder lets you record your screen to videos and you can pause and resume while recording. TouchCam is a free unlimited screen capture app for recording your device's screen to video. Create promotional videos, make tutorials or record help videos complete with audio! TouchCam Screen Recorder is the best free app to record your screen without root, without time limit and without watermark. TouchCam, recording your android screen does not need ROOT device. Download TouchCam Screen Recorder now to enjoy a quality screen recorder. Start or stop screen recording with only one tap. TouchCam is very easy-to-use. As a free screen recording software. You can record live show, gameplay, record games, video chat, share online video. TouchCam Screen Recorder offers a lot of features such as video recorder, game recorder.

★ TouchCam Screen Recorder ★
Completely free, without In-App-Purchase. No root access needed. No time limit for recordings
TouchCam help you easy to record your smart phone screen anywhere.

TouchCam - Benefits:
- TouchCam provides an easy way to record screen videos, such as game videos, video calls and more
- TouchCam on the phone allows to view records
- This is a completely free mobile screen recorder without limits
- You can use the screen recorder offline
- Share your videos to your friends
- No time limit for recordings
- No root needed
- No watermark

Keywords: TouchCam, Touch Cam, screen recorder, camcorder, DU, no root


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Unit2X - Unit Converter

Unit2X a simple and easy to use Unit Converter with a clean user interface.
Just enter the Unit from where you want to convert to the other Units.
Touch the Convert-Button and you get the Results for the other Units.
The Result you can copy to clipboard or Share to your friends.
Unit2X is a simple and fast Unit Converter.
Simple and fast unit converter. Easy to use.

- Mass
Kilogram (kg), gram (g), Gran (gr), drachm (dr), ounce (oz.), pound (lb) (lb, pd, lbm.), slug,
quarter (short), quarter (long) (qu., qr l.), Troy ounce (ounce) (oz., oz.ap., ap.oz.)

- Length
Kilometer (km), Meter (m), millimeter (mm), Decimetre (dm), Centimeters (cm), Inches (in.) (in.),
Foot (foot) (ft), Yard (yd), Didot Point (dd), Pica Point (pp)

- Volume
Cubic meter (m3), Cubic centimeter (cm3), Cubic light-year (Lj3, ly3), Cubic inch (cin, in3),
Cubic feet (cft, ft3), Liter (l), Registerbarrel (RT), Cubic yard (cyd.), AcreFoot (acre-foot), Cubic mile (cmi)

- Plane
Square meters (m2), Square centimeter (cm2), Square light year (Lj2, ly2), AR (a), Square mile (sq mi, mi2),
Square inch (sq in, in2),Hectare (ha), Acre (a., ac.), Square foot (sqft)

- Speed
Kilometers per hour (kph), (m/s), the speed of light in a vacuum (c), Velocity air 20°C (NN),
Miles per hour (mph), Knots (kn, kts)

- Acceleration
Kilometers per square hour (km/h2), Meters per square second (m/s2), Kilometers per hour per second (km / s),
Earth gravity Acceleration (g), Galileo (GAL), Inches per square second (in / s2), Foot per square second (ft/s2)

- Power
Watt (W), Horsepower (PS), Horsepower (HP) (hp., B.H.P), Manpower (strength)

- Force
Newton (N, kg * m/s2), Pound-force (pounds) (lbf., lbf.), Poundal (pdl.), Kilopond (kp), Dyne (dyn)

- Pressure
Pascal (PA, kg/m * s2)), Pounds per square inch (lb.p.sq.in., psi), Torr (torr, mmHg), Technical atmosphere (at),
Atmosphere (atm), bar (bar)

- Density
Kilograms per cubic metre (kg/m3), Grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3), Kilograms per litre (kg/l),
Pounds per cubic foot (lb/ft3), Pounds per cubic yard (lb/yd3), Pounds per cubic inch (lb/in3), Ounces per cubic inch (oz/in3)

- Time
Hour (h), Minute (min), Second (s), Year (a), Day (d)

- Temperature
Degree Celsius (°C), Degree Fahrenheit (°F), Kelvin (K), Degree Rankine (°RA, °R), Degree Delisle (°De, °D),
Degree Newton (°N), Degree Réaumur (°Ré, °re, °R), Degree Reømer (°Rø)

- Energy
Kilowatt hour (kWh), Watt seconds (WS), Joule (J), Newtonmeter (Nm), Kilopondmeter (kpm),
Electron volt (eV), Coal (SKE), Calorie (cal)

- Angle / Radian
Radian measure (rad), Radians (PI) (p), Full angle (), Degrees (°), Nautical line, Angular mil (mil), GON (gon, g)

- Angular velocity
Revolutions per second (1/s), Revolutions per minute (1/min), Frequency (f) (1/s, Hz), Angular frequency (1/s, rad/sec)

✓ Mass
✓ Length
✓ Volume
✓ Plane
✓ Speed
✓ Acceleration
✓ Power
✓ Force
✓ Pressure
✓ Density
✓ Time
✓ Temperature
✓ Energy
✓ Angle / Radian
✓ Angular velocity

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ACleaner Android Cleaner clean your android phone very fast and super.

ACleaner delete empty folders, logs, cache, temporary files. Its a simple and lite app to clean empty junk folders and logs. This app clean folder that are created by delete apps and other junk folders that are created by other apps. Some Apps logs what you do but ACleander keeps you privacy because they removes all Logfiles .log files on your Smartphone. With the Storage button you can show your storage, memory usage from your system.

ACleaner is 100% FREE, very simple, fast to use and deletes everything.

☆ ACleaner Cleans:
● Advertisement folders
● Empty folders
● Temporary files
● Caches
● Logs

☆ Features of ACleaner:
● Simple App to clean your phone.
● Minimum permissions.
● Easy and Simple to use.
● Shows Storage settings.
● Completely Free.

With a single click all the empty folders, caches, log files will be deleted.

Developer is not responsible for any problem created by this application. You use the application at your own risk.

Keywords: ACleaner, Android Cleaner, empty folders, logfiles, logs, privacy, phone cleaner, DU, no root

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Sushi Memory game app for kids and adults is the classic board game, which help you to develop your memory skills. Memory game will quickly train your memory. This free memory game is for all ages. Cards matching memory game for everyone. Regular mental and concentration exercises can greatly improve your short-term photographic memory with our memory game Sushi Memory. Try to remember the positions of the sushi cards and combine two same sushi cards together. Find all pairs as soon as possible.

★ Features of Sushi Memory:
- Three different levels of game play: Easy (4 x 4 puzzles), Medium (6 x 6 puzzles), Hard (8 x 8 puzzles).
- Memory game develops your recognition, concentration and motor skills.
- Amazing and colorful HD graphic designed.
- Visual memory training
- Matching game has high score.
- Vibrant, beautiful and colorful recognizable images of Sushi like Salmon, Nigiri, Maki, Ebi, Maguro, Tamago, Amaebi, Unagi, Ikura, Shimesaba etc.

How to play Sushi Memory:
For each level, player is required to tap the square buttons and need to memorize what is behind it in order to match its couple. Players are required to complete a level in minimum finger taps to match all sushis.

Start improving your concentration now with this great memory game!
Have fun to play with our memory matching game!

Keywords: Sushi memory, Sushi, sushi matching, sushi game, sushi cards, Nigiri, Maki

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